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Anukis, Sword of the Twilight Queen

Product of the dreams and might of Queen Nephtys, Anukis appears as a towering dragon 300 feet tall, covered in orichalcum and sunlight scales with two emerald eyes and an amber third one on his forehead. As he walks, creatures of darkness flee in terror, for they know their judgment is near and must answer for their crimes against Creation. Nothing makes Anukis happier than to be ridden into the battle against darkness by Queen Nephtys. For him, only the Chosen of the Sun have the wisdom to properly rule Creation, and will not hesitate to crush anyone that opposes them.

Motivation: “To bring light to the dark corners of Creation alongside Queen Nephtys”
Intimacies: Battles (Joy), Creatures of Darkness (Wrathful Intolerance), Queen Nephtys (Boundless Loyalty), Solar Exalted (Admiration)

Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 9, Stamina 10, Charisma 6, Manipulation 4, Appearance 8, Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 6

Abilities: Athletics 6 (Flying Maneuvers +1), Awareness 4 (Ambushes +1), Dodge 5, Integrity 6 (Creatures of Darkness +2), Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Firetongue) 1, Lore 3, Martial Arts 6, Occult 4, Performance 3, Presence 5 (Intimidation +3), Resistance 8 (Flying Endurance +2), Socialize 3, Survival 4 (South +2), War 4

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 5, Temperance 3, Valor 5

Backgrounds: Cult 2, Sanctum 1

Bane Weapon – Anukis can make his attacks Holy, inflicting aggravate damage to Creatures of Darkness.
Banish – Anukis can expel Creatures of Darkness from his sanctum and his domain.
Blessed Sunlight Body – Anukis can heal if exposed to sunlight and even absorb harmful effects made of it
Call – Solar-aspected creatures or anyone inside his domain or sanctum.
Divine Prerogative – Anukis loyalty to Queen Nephtys cannot be eroded
Essence Plethora (x8)
Hurry Home – His Sanctum
Materialize – Costs 90 motes
Measure the Wind – Anukis can sense and detect Creatures of Darkness
Ox-Body Technique (x8)
Paper Tiger Rearrangement – Anukis can manipulate the light inside his domain to produce optical illusions (this does not affect other senses)
Principle of Motion – Ten banked actions
Regalia of Authority – All-Encompassing
Reserve of Will (x5)
Sense Domain – Anukis can sense important events inside his domain and sanctum.
Sheathing the Material Form – All-Encompassing
First (Ability) Excellency – Dodge, Integrity, Martial Arts, Presence
Second (Ability) Excellency – Awareness, Dodge, Integrity, Martial Arts, Performance, Presence, Resistance
Divine (Ability) Subordination – Dodge, Integrity, Martial Arts, Presence
Infinite (Ability) Mastery – Dodge, Integrity, Martial Arts, Resistance

Blessed Panoply of Noon:
These characteristics are gifts bound into Anukis pattern by Queen Nephtys, and none else can learn them.

All-Piercing Amber Eye: Anukis was blessed with a third eye that never blinks, set into his forehead. This works as the Charm All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight, although it doesn’t cost motes to activate and it’s permanent. This also grants him a similar benefit to Surprise Anticipation Method for a reflexive cost of 2 motes that doesn’t count as Charm activation. The Amber Eye shines with golden light, similar to an expenditure of 4-7 motes of Peripheral Essence. The Eye is even open if Anukis chooses to sleep, although he can still take the normal benefits from sleep as everyone else.

Arrow-Beam Velocity: Anukis can fly as an innate capability. His normal flying speed is equal twice his Move and Dash. Under direct sunlight he can move at five times his ground speed. Finally, if he has Light Should Never Dim active, his flying movement becomes ten times his ground speed. Anukis doubles these multipliers if he’s dematerialized.

Final Dawn Cataclysm: A minor sun understands that his sacrifice could be the only way to wash away corruption and wickedness, and never doubts about the right choice to make. Anukis can use this power only when Light Should Never Dim is active, as an extreme way to terminate the effect. Anukis swallows his light, releasing it in an explosion of holy justice (Simple, Speed 12, DV -6). Everything inside the radius of that power suffers the effect of the spells Cleansing Solar Flames and Light of Solar Cleansing. Shadowlands are targeted as if Anukis was at their geomantic center to determine if they become a part of Creation again, but only if the whole shadowland is inside the explosion radius. This costs Anukis 100 motes and 10 aggravate health levels. He can’t use Light Never Dims again for the next 25 hours.

Legendary Sun Endurance: Anukis is not only made of sunlight, but also of spiritual orichalcum, granting him the resilience and stability of ten-thousand suns. Anukis has permanent versions of Integrity-Protective Prana and Chaos-Repelling Pattern, which he can’t turn off. His Chaos-Repelling Pattern covers a radius of (Essence x100) yards. Creatures of Darkness find this zone particularly uncomfortable, suffering a -2 external penalty on all their actions as a Holy effect. Finally, Anukis never fails Conviction or Valor checks when facing Creatures of Darkness, for he knows they are powerless against his righteous nature. If he channels any Virtue to oppose a Creature of Darkness, he adds automatic successes instead of dices. This strong connection with the sun allows Anukis to attune to artifacts like a Solar Exalted.

Light Should Never Dim: Anukis is a creature of pure sunlight, and his body can shine with inner light. He can commit 50 motes as a Simple action (Speed 7, DV -3) to illuminate everything within a radius of (Essence x10) miles with true sunlight as bright as a cloudless day at noon. The area moves with Anukis and his considered his domain for Charm purposes. This also imposes the effects of Chaos-Repelling Pattern inside the area of effect, and grants Anukis a deeper understanding of his surrounding, improving his All-Piercing Amber Eye with a similar effect of the Charm Eye of the Unconquered Sun. For as long as this Charm is active, Anukis fails all Stealth rolls automatically and can be seen from miles. Also, everyone who is trying to attack him that relies on sight to do so suffers an external penalty equal to Anukis’ Essence due to the difficulty to strike something so bright.

Unconstrained Nova Breath: Anukis can choose to externalize his fury into a powerful suspire of sacred sunburst fire, turning his enemies into ashes. The statistics of this attack are: Speed 6, Accuracy +2, Damage [(Essence x2) + Willpower] L, Rate 1. This attack is Holy, inflicting aggravate damage against Creatures of Darkness. It hits everyone in the area of effects, which equals 30 yards long and 10 yards wide. This attack is unblockable and undodgeable without the aid of Charms or a stunt. If he feels benevolent, Anukis can exhale his breath to target physical corruption. In this way, every non-Creature of Darkness inside the area of effects suffers the effects of the terrestrial spell Purifying Flames. Anukis can use his breath once every 12 ticks, no matter which version he chooses.

Martial Arts: Consequence of his admiration for the Chosen of the Sun, Anukis has mastered Solar Hero Style, which he wields proud and fearless in battle. He has developed several Combos, mixing Martial Arts with his Spirit Charms.

Sorcery: As the creation and companion of a powerful sorceress, Anukis has mastered a few Emerald and Sapphire spells: Burning Eyes of the Offender, Commanding Presence of Fire, Emerald Circle Banishment, Emerald Countermagic, Sapphire Circle Banishment and Sapphire Countermagic.

Join Battle: 10 (Ambushes: 11)

Orichalcum Jaw: Speed 6, Accuracy 19, Damage 17L, Parry DV - , Rate 2, Tags N, P
Orichalcum Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 20, Damage 13L, Parry DV 9, Rate 4, Tags N
Unconstrained Nova Breath: Speed 6, Accuracy 16, Damage 26L, Range Special, Rate 1/12 ticks

Dodge DV: 11 MDV (Dodge): 12 (CoD: 13)
Soak: 35L/40B (Orichalcum Scales 30L/30B, Hardness 15L/15B)

Willpower: 10 (15)
Essence: 8 Essence Pool: 210
Health Levels: -0 / -1 x15 / -2 x14 / -4/ Incapacitated

Note: Anukis lacks a natural domain, although he treats the radius of Light Should Never Dim as his domain while that power is active.

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Ink Monkeys PDF

Esta es una compilación que hizo Plague of Hats, uno de los miembros del Foro de White Wolf, compilando todo lo que hay hasta la fecha de Ink Monekeys.

PDF Blanco y Negro: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5017537/Ink%20Monkeys%20Collection%20%28BW%29.pdf

PDF Color: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5017537/Ink%20Monkeys%20Collection%20%28Color%29.pdf